Parents and Children Communicating

We offer a Parents and Children Communicating (PACC) program to everyone waiting for services. This program focuses on educating parents and caregivers. The staff teaches them specific techniques to use while interacting with their child. Sometimes by changing the way parents and caregivers interact with the child, the need for direct therapy is eliminated.

The PACC program is committed to helping families better understand how speech, language and hearing skillsnormally develop and what to expect from your child.

The staff wants to help you understand how disordered communication skills can affect your child and give you everyday suggestions to help your child develop these needed skills.

The staff will help you learn and use new strategies in your everyday routines to enhance your child’s communication development.

The staff will act as a resource for your questions related to services in the community.

Sample topics for the evenings may include:

Speech and language milestones

The impact of middle ear infections and hearing loss on language development

Suggested techniques for developing language

Adding language to daily routines

Importance of reading and music for language development

Brain development in the first 3 years

The need for parent advocacy

Resources for services in the region

Discussions will be driven by parents’ need for information in areas that concern them.