Success Stories

We invite you to read testimonials from some of the families we have served. We hope they will inspire you and give you hope as well.

Dear Scottish Rite Clinic,

Our entire family is very grateful for all of the services and support that you and the clinic provide to all of the families and children who are trying to navigate this difficult and unpredictable landscape. I don't have enough paper or words to express how your guidance and teaching has helped us personally. Not only has the information and lessons you have shared improved the quality of life for our son and our family—the perspective, humor and appreciation for our son's uniqueness that has infused each session has truly helped us to embrace all challenges rather than fear them. You really do have a powerful gift.

Dear Scottish Rite Clinic,

Our son has been receiving speech therapy services for about five months. Our experience with the clinic and its staff has been excellent. The therapist working with our son has provided us with suggestions on how we can positively impact his treatment and prognosis through a variety of options. The therapy sessions are enjoyable for our son and give us tools, which we can use at home. The staff at the clinic is pleasant and informative.

Our son is a loving, sweet-natured little boy who needs special help, which can be very expensive and not always covered by private insurance. We are very grateful he can get help through the clinic and hope that you will continue to provide this valuable service to children in our community.

Dear Scottish Rite Clinic,

We want you to know how much the services at this clinic have helped our family. As you know, our nearly four-year-old son has autism and has been working with your therapist for a little over a year. The therapist has an extensive knowledge of autism and continues to expand our son's abilities. Her instincts with children like our son are wonderful and she has taught us how to work more effectively with him at home.

Prior to treatment at the Scottish Rite Clinic, our son was unable to play with any toys appropriately. He would frequently throw tantrums with transitions and had difficulty maintaining eye contact. It is amazing to see him play with a toy now the way it was intended and to see him look to an adult or another child for attention. His verbal ability and communication skills have increased dramatically with your help.

The Scottish Rite Clinic has made a huge difference in the life of our son.

Dear Scottish Rite Clinic

I am writing to share with you my sincere appreciation for the services that you provide my three-year-old son. He has autism and is mostly nonverbal. In the short amount of time that he has been a client, I have seen very nice progress.

I was referred to the clinic by our school district in January. I met with your therapist in February and March for a handful of therapy sessions and meetings. I came away from those meetings with a lot of helpful information and tips and began to incorporate them into my son's daily repertoire. In June, my son began therapy twice a week. Since then, he has gained a number of new skills, including some joint attention and a few spontaneous words. Those words are music to my ears! ("Mom" is my favorite). I love the games the therapist plays with him and I bring those ideas and games home with us.

Please know that your clinic is making a big difference in my child's life. Thank you again for the services you are providing to my son. I hope that your clinic will continue to help children like my son for many years to come.

Dear Scottish Rite Clinic

Thank you for a wonderful summer. Our son and daughter loved all the activities and field trips that you had.

We feel so lucky having you work with our daughter. You are awesome at what you do!

Dear Scottish Rite Clinic

My granddaughter has benefited SO MUCH from the excellent work you did with her!

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